Gobble, Gobble.

Turkey sitting leaves.jpg

As this most isolated Thanksgiving in recent memory approaches, surely everyone longs to hear some hectoring information about the anticipated, mindless overeating.   What could be better, besides figuring out how not to infect each other, than consuming a shaming lecture on food?

It may seem antithetical to promoting a book and, yea, an entire outlook based in more careful, open awareness of our momentary actions, to advise:

 “Well, screw it…. eat ’til the tryptophan tips you over and out.”  

That sounds like a losing of our heads, ironically reflective of the fate of the delicious main course.  On the other hand, I’m guessing there is little desire in this (or maybe any?) year for such counsel as:

“We can and should closely observe our felt sense of our somatic satiety response as it changes with small, carefully chewed bites of turkey, savoring each swallow.  Yet we should watch for distraction or emotional comforting through pumpkin pie as Uncle Louie* regales us with his latest theories on QAnon.”

Door #3 (heh):  we can consider gobbling… mindfully.

You heard me right. “Letting it rip,” every so often, is a glory of being human, whether as dancers at a celebration,  kids on a sledding hill, lovers in a hotel room, or bellies up to the mashed potatoes and stuffing.  Taking care that our choice does not do harm to self or others, we may hit the gas…. with an open, curious awareness.  Pre-gobble fretting and post-gobble guilt are judgmental obstacles.

Mindfulness here means being open to the joy, the sensory play of tastes and smiles and (distanced) interaction.  That judgment part… maybe lay off that side dish for day.

And then, we let it all go, on to the next moment.  Which often involves untangling light strings.  Alas, another moment for practice.

Take Care, stay safe (and enjoy). Happy Thanksgiving!  GCS

*Uncle Louie is a recurring, archetypal character in Practical Mindfulness, compared variously to early hominids and to the fulminant growth in an old jar of mayonnaise.  Buy the book and find out more!

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